Dr. Neumann‘s straight-forward style uncovers blindspots quickly and then he formats a plan forward that accelerates growth not only for the leader but the overall productivity of the team being led. Not an easy task but the results were exactly what I needed.”
Dr. Frank Chang, Head of Core Services Applied Science, Uber

Harly has a great balance of clinical and leadership experience that allows him to be precise and strategic with his coaching. He can analyze and evaluate complex situations quickly which is one of his greatest skills. I have found him to be insightful, intelligent, and creative in the process.”
Osman Akhtar, Head of AC Wellness-Apple Health, Apple

“His ability to quickly distill issues and skillfully guide action significantly helped me with a very difficult leader. As a result, the team was strengthened and able to achieve high performance. As a coach, he provided me with enhanced perspectives and a safe place to vet issues as the organization pursued a merger.”
Kevin Gerber, President and CEO, Covia (retired)

He has the distinct ability to discern management shortcomings and provide direct counsel and actionable steps that can take executives to the next level.
Scott Wood, CEO, Sorenson Communications